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UK Unemployment Stagnant

UK Unemployment StagnantUK Unemployment Stagnant

Unemployment rate has become stagnant in the first four months of 2015, at 5.58% in April compared to 5.60% in January. However, unemployment set to fall away much more rapidly in next three months, with current hiring patterns meaning Adzuna forecasts an unemployment rate of 5.04% in July. Total unemployed population drops by just 5,000 from January to April, but will drop by over 177,000 from April to July. The NHS list 12,000 new vacancies in April, over five times as many as Tesco – currently the next biggest employer in terms of hiring. Unemployment in the UK has become static, after failing to improve in the first four months of 2015. The calculation is based on real-time coverage of more than a million job vacancies combined with information about visits to the Adzuna website, which acts as a search engine for job advertisements and is used by over five million people every month.