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China One of Worst Markets?

China  One of Worst Markets?China  One of Worst Markets?

A Bloomberg survey of financial professionals showed that China, which was previously considered as a top market for investment opportunities, is now viewed as one of the worst markets to invest in. Almost three in five respondents depicted China’s economy as deteriorating, putting the country, alongside Russia and Brazil as markets to avoid over the next 12 months. Investors said the Chinese economy is in the worst shape in 2.5 years. The latest survey also showed that Europe is now considered as the best place to invest for the first time since 2009, unseating the US, which was the top choice since November 2010. About 35% of those surveyed said Europe will offer investors the best opportunities over the next 12 months while only 33% picked the US. Among the respondents, European investors were more optimistic than those in the US and Asia about their economy, the survey showed.