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Malay Traders Accused of Sabotage

Malay Traders Accused of SabotageMalay Traders Accused of Sabotage

Traders who took advantage of the  Goods and Sales Tax (GST) to raise prices of goods are economic saboteurs, said Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan, Bernama reported. He said this was because the implementation of the new tax since April 1, should allow the people to enjoy a drop in the prices of goods as the GST rate is 6%, compared to the 12% imposed by the previous sales and services tax. “However, they are sabotaging the economy. Some goods are GST-free but they are arbitrarily imposing GST on them which causes the prices of goods to go up. “It is unacceptable if they say they don’t understand GST as we have explained for a year and seven months on television, radio and newspapers,” he told reporters after attending an information function on current issues at the Rompin Umno Office, here, Sunday.