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China Needs 2.5km Long Trains

China Needs 2.5km Long TrainsChina Needs 2.5km Long Trains

As a subsidiary of the world’s second-largest coal producing company, China’s Shuohuang Railway needed the largest locomotives possible to carry coal the length of its 594-kilometer railroad. And for heavy-haul trains with a carrying capacity of 20,000 tons, that means trains so large that the first and last locomotives are more than 2.5 km apart. Shuo Huang’s answer: Huawei Digital Railway Solution, which is based on eLTE technology, Bloomberg reported. Updating its outdated infrastructure did more than increase the tonnage of Shuohuang’s shipments. Huawei’s eLTE solution — with up to 99.999% reliability and end-to-end encryption — results in zero interruption of low-latency data for multi-locomotive synchronized signaling, which at least triples the capacity of the train.