Semnan, a Health Tourism Destination

Semnan, a Health Tourism DestinationSemnan, a Health Tourism Destination

Iran's share of the global health tourism market is 80,000 tourists per year, the health consultant of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO), Seyed Mohamad Akrami, Said in a meeting on health tourism, in Semnan province.

Health tourism revenue is estimated at more than $100b internationally, making it the third lucrative tourism sector. The US, England, India, and Turkey are the world's prominent health market holders, CHTN reported quoting Akrami saying on Saturday.

Fostering this type of tourism, will improve employment, income, and elevate the health services in the country, he added.

Another ICHHTO senior official in Semnan, Maryam Salmanian, commented on the province's great potentials in this sector, mentioning examples of Salt Cave, Kavir National Park, the stone paved road in Garmsar, the province's southern deserts, and mineral waters such as Sorkhe, among the health tourism capacities.