Rally Threatens Persepolis?

Rally Threatens Persepolis?Rally Threatens Persepolis?

The first Paris-Persepolis Eco-Rally from Paris to Persepolis is scheduled for this fall.  It is due to start in France, blazing through Germany, Austria, Serbia, Hungry, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, finishing in Iran.  The event is co-organized by Gran Tourism Organization (GTO) and Touring and Automobile Club of the I.R. Iran (TACI).

Iran Touring and Automobile Club states on its website that the competition is "totally innovative in its concept, based exclusively on energy and fuel savings, road safety and environment protection".

But something is amiss, believes, Hekmatolah Molasalehi, an archaeologist and founder of 'philosophy of archaeology', ILNA reported.  "The rally will have detrimental effects on the historical monument of Persepolis in Fars Province, as it is planned to run within the environs of the site."

The professor at universities of Tehran and Athens asserted that the harm is inevitable no matter how far the race will be held. Even in 100 km from Persepolis, a rally race would still damage the ancient site. The dust, raised by the cars, will have irreparable impacts on the historical structures.

All around the world, it is absolutely prohibited to hold a rally on the periphery of historical sites, he said.  Paleontologists raised similar concerns in 2013, regarding Dakar Rally, which was to go through Peru and Chile as it posed a serious risk to whale and dolphin fossils dating back more than 20 million years.

Deputy of provincial Cultural Heritage Conservation Abdolreza Nasiri thinks otherwise, as he finds the competition "harmless for Persepolis".