5 Top-Notch Boutique Hotels in Iran

5 Top-Notch Boutique Hotels in Iran
5 Top-Notch Boutique Hotels in Iran

With its history dating back 7,000 years, Iran is home to a large number of spectacular mansions and buildings. To restore the majestic structures and by extension contribute to the economy, tourism authorities have initiated a plan to cede the buildings to private owners so long as they are repurposed into traditional hotels, restaurants and lodges. 

The declared goal is to cede 100 buildings every year for restoration. In other words, 1,084 buildings will be ready for reuse before the end of the 2025 Vision Plan.

Traditional houses mostly have their own stunning architecture, many bedrooms and an intimate atmosphere. This indeed is attracting an increasing number of investors who are putting their money into repurposing the historical buildings into boutique hotels.

The following are the best boutique hotels in Iran:


Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel, Kashan



Located in Sultan Mir Ahmad neighborhood in the historical city of Kashan, Ameriha House is the largest historical house in the ancient city and one of the largest in Iran.

Stretching over 9,500 square meters, the five-star hotel has 85 well-appointed rooms.

Built during the Zandiyeh Era and renovated under the Qajar Dynasty, the structure was owned by Saham al-Saltaneh Ameri, the governor of Kashan.

There is a famous plasterwork of the former king, Mozaffar ad-Din Shah Qajar. It was completed in a single night when the former ruler visited there.



Kashan, a Lesson in Authenticity, Architecture


Ghasr Monshi Boutique Hotel, Isfahan



Ghasr Monshi Hotel is one of the most distinctive historical structures in Isfahan. Built in the 1820s, the palace was owned by the former Qajar ruler Fath Ali Shah. After restoration in 2005, the national heritage site was transformed into a top lodging facility.

The eye-catching architecture of the place, especially color-glass windows and plasterworks, has made the four-star hotel one of the most desired accommodations in Isfahan.

The four-star hotel is located very close to historical sites of Isfahan, namely Naqshe Jahan Square (Shah Square).



Darbe Shazdeh, Shiraz



The structure was built during the Qajar era and was repurposed into a hotel.

Located in the heart of the elegant Zand District in Shiraz city, the hotel offers a perfect blend of traditional and modern architecture. The incredible courtyard helps visitors experience the inspiring atmosphere of Shiraz.

Darbe Shazdeh Boutique Hotel is walking distance to Shiraz landmarks like Vakil Bazar.

Friendly staff, delicious cuisine and traditionally-decorated rooms make for memorable stay. 



Hanna Boutique Hotel, Tehran



Hanna Boutique Hotel is located in Lolagar Alley one of the fascinating neighborhoods in Tehran, where houses are symmetrical to one another.

Restoration work started in one of the buildings in the alley to repurpose 90-year-old structure into a boutique hotel. Hanna Boutique Hotel was officially inaugurated in the winter of 2018.

"The experience of staying in this hotel offers diverse glimpses of life in Tehran, a unique experience at the center of a busy, chaotic city, where one can enjoy art, architecture, design, and modern-day hospitality."



Laleh Kandovan Boutique Hotel



Saleh International Rock Hotel in Kandovan is the third hotel of its kind in the world.

Kandovan is a village in Sahand Rural District, in the central district of Osku county, East Azerbaijan Province, 60 km from Tabriz City.

The hotel has 40 Karaans (natural rock rooms), 16 of which are available with complete room service and Jacuzzi.

A luxurious restaurant with a variety of Iranian and foreign dishes that can host 120 people are among other facilities and services of the hotel.



Iran's Kandovan Village

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