Four New Reserves

Four New ReservesFour New Reserves

Four new regions are to join the natural reserves of the country, Fars News quoted President Hassan Rouhani as saying.

In the second meeting of the Supreme Council of Environment held in Tehran, the president called for the cooperation of all organizations and ministries to protect the natural resources of the country. Vice-president and the head of the Department of Environement (DoE) Masumeh Ebtekar presented a report on the environment.

Natural attractions of Dorfak cave in Gilan and Shoy waterfall in Khuzestan; the protected region of Abr ‘Cloud’ forest in Semnan; and the wild life resort of Samandar in Lorestan were introduced as four new natural reserves. Proposed by the DoE, the protective plan is to help prevent soil erosion and destruction of natural resources.

According to international conventions, 17% of land areas and 10% of coastal areas should be under environmental protection by 2020.

The DoE is to compile a rule-book on national measures to prevent dust and suspended particulate matter (SPM). The rule-book will be reviewed by a government board for ratification.

A law on prevention of air pollution was reviewed after a 10-year hiatus. New standards are to be set on pollutants being emitted from motorized vehicles. The production of Euro-4 gasoline will be placed under continuous inspections, Ebtekar said, and expressed hope that public transport will become more popular.

Penalty and punishment for illegal fishing and hunting was decided by arbiters, jurists, and jurisprudents.