Plans for Southern Provinces

Plans for Southern ProvincesPlans for Southern Provinces

The government is planning extensive programs for road construction in southern provinces, CHN quoted President Hassan Rouhani as saying. The Persian Gulf, especially Makran coastal strip in Baluchistan, has great touristic potential. There are many favorable locations along the southern coasts for establishment of new tourist towns and villages, the president said at the cabinet meeting, and emphasized the role of southern provinces in national development. He highlighted the provinces with strategic significance and major railway terminals, where there are links to the high seas. The coasts and islands of the Persian Gulf are favorable for development. The government took strategic decisions in its recent trip to Bushehr. The decisions will further help develop the capacity of ports; they will help increase Bushehr’s overall capacity. The port city of Bandarabbas, capital of Hormozgan Province is another region planned for a big boost, especially in regard to transport and international trade.