Maldives Records 8.1% Rise in Tourist Arrivals

Maldives Records 8.1% Rise in Tourist ArrivalsMaldives Records 8.1% Rise in Tourist Arrivals

Maldives Ministry of Tourism statistics have revealed an 8.1% increase in tourist arrivals for the month of July 2018. Maldives also recorded a 10.1% increase in tourist arrivals from January to June 2018, with the total number of arrivals at 848,847 this year in comparison to the 770,715 arrivals recorded during the same period last year, reported. China remains the largest contributor of tourist arrivals to Maldives although the figure shows a 3.1% decline in comparison to last July. India is the second highest contributor from the Asian region for last month with a 5.7% increase from the figure of the same month last year. The statistics further showed Italy following, experiencing a 25.6% increase from July 2017. France showed a hike of 35% in tourist arrivals in July 2018 compared to last July. According to the statistics, Germany showed the second largest contribution from Europe presenting an increase of 1.5% in 2018. UK still remains the top European contributor recording a 9.3% increase from July 2017.


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