Shahar Yeri to Host Key Heritage Center

Shahar Yeri to Host Key Heritage Center Shahar Yeri to Host Key Heritage Center

Shahar Yeri, an ancient archaeological site in Meshginshahr City in the northwestern province of Ardabil, will soon be home to a National Heritage Base, a senior heritage official said.

According to Nader Fallahi, head of the provincial office of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, the valuable historical background of the site made it absolutely eligible to turn into the province's key heritage site, ISNA reported.

"Long after being inscribed on the list of National Heritage Sites in 1931, the area is now being offered a specified heritage base," Fallahi said.

The archaeological area is home to petroglyphs, stone carvings and traces of an age-old civilization, which are partly being eroded due to environmental factors. 

"Some 40% of the ancient items are at risk due to their exposure to the open air," Fallahi noted, highlighting measures underway to protect them by building shelters and restoration projects.

Establishing a National Heritage Base in the area, the official added, will compel the government to pay more attention to the site, in terms of financial facilities, restorations and care. 

Located 65 km from Ardabil, and sitting next to Qarasu River, Shahar Yeri covers 400 hectares of area, comprising three parts: military fortress, temple and Qusha Tappeh hill.

Reportedly, the fortress and temple date back to 1450 BC and Qusha hills date back to 7000 BC. 

The main temple in Shahar Yeri, earlier unearthed during archaeological excavations, included more than 300 stones with heights ranging from 35 to 250 cm featuring human figures without mouth, hand or even sword. 

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