Ancient Relics Discovered in Bushehr

Ancient Relics Discovered in BushehrAncient Relics Discovered in Bushehr

Remains of an ancient civilization have been recently found by local residents three kilometers west of Ameri Village in the port city of Deylam, Bushehr Province. After the discovery, a team of experts with Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization was dispatched to the site for field investigations and documentation of the unearthed items, IRNA reported. 

The site, where the relics were found, is an open plain surrounded by hills, each up to six meters high and holding remnants of old history inside.  "The discovered items include pieces of light-color clay dishes with brown, dark green and black engraved geometric patterns mostly dating back to the fifth millennium B.C.," Nasser Amirzadeh, head of provincial ICHHTO said. 

"In addition to the clay pieces, stone tools and bones have been found in the zone and were documented as heritage items by archaeologists," he added.   Similar pieces had earlier been found in Ganaveh, Tal Souz, Tal Qashi and Khalife'i villages in Dashtestan County, all belonging to the same period of time in history.  

The age-old discoveries in the region indicate the historical importance of the Persian Gulf coastline.  Over a thousand historical items, including 294 movable and immovable items, as well as 53 intangible items have been so far discovered in Bushehr Province all inscribed on National Heritage List. 


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