Ancient Bone Tools Found in China

Ancient Bone Tools Found  in China
Ancient Bone Tools Found  in China

An international team of researchers says they have identified seven bone soft hammers or retouchers as China's earliest known bone tools, dating back 115,000 years. The bone tools, six made of broken long limb bones from herbivores and one made of antler, were discovered in a Paleolithic site in Xuchang City in central China's Henan Province, China News Service reported. Before the new discovery, China's oldest bone tools, dating back 35,000 years, had been found in Guizhou Province. Li Zhanyang, researcher with Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology, said the bone soft hammers were mainly used to make and modify stone tools. Chinese archaeologists have long been troubled by the questions such as when ancient Chinese started using bone and whether stone tools made by early humans were present in China. Li said the findings proved the revolution and progress of stone tool appeared in China at least 115,000 years ago, and Chinese hominids at that time had a relatively developed brain.


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