EU Rail Pass for UK Teens

EU Rail Pass for UK TeensEU Rail Pass for UK Teens

Brussels is bestowing a once-only opportunity for fewer than 2,000 British 18-year-olds a travel pass to discover Europe between July and September this year.

The European Commission has tweeted that it will select 15,000 “enthusiastic young people” and award them free tickets similar to InterRail passes for the summer.

The announcement says: “Travelling is a chance for young people to take advantage of our freedom of movement, to discover the diversity of Europe, enjoy its cultural richness, and make new friends from all over the continent. Ultimately, it’s also a great opportunity to discover yourself.”

The travel pass is intended to be used mainly for railways, but buses or ferries will also be allowed when appropriate, the Independent reported.

“In exceptional cases and when no other transport means are available, travel by plane will be permitted,” says the European Commission.

“Accommodation, subsistence or other expenses related to the trip shall be covered by the participants.”

Tickets will be handed out to each EU member state in proportion to population, which means just over 1,900 British citizens aged 18 should qualify.

There are around 715,000 18-year-olds in the UK, which means that only one in 372 of the cohort will qualify.


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