Demarcation Project to Protect Sassanid Ruins

Borders have been defined for the Tal-Sefidak archeological site in Hajiabad to prevent encroachment by farmers
Tal-Sefidak is located in the suburbs of the city of Hajiabad in Fars Province.Tal-Sefidak is located in the suburbs of the city of Hajiabad in Fars Province.
The ruins of Tal-Sefidak are leftovers of a Sassanid house which is believed to have belonged to aristocrats of the time based on the style of its structure and ornaments

Studies have been conducted by an archeological team to mark out the bounds and suggest a buffer zone for Sassanid-era ruins known as Tal-Sefidak in Fars Province following threats of intrusion by farmlands. 
The project was authorized by the Research Institute for Cultural Heritage and Tourism and co-directed by Samira Jafari and Mohammad Hassan Paknejad. 
According to Jafari, the delineated territory would include all the areas in which archeological remains can be found. 
In other words, "no traces of the ancient objects should be found outside the boundaries whether on the surface or below the ground", she said, RICHT's official news portal reported. 
This is especially important in areas that overlap with valuable properties such as lands officially designated for residential or agricultural use. 


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