The Worst Hotel Ever

The Worst Hotel EverThe Worst Hotel Ever

Many travelers do not mind where they lodge. They only want a roof to sleep under, before getting on with sightseeing the next day. The most basic arrangements should suffice, they say. But basic becomes nasty sometimes, especially when cheap accommodation remains forever embedded in our memory of a trip. This has been the experience of Iranian tourists who stayed in Kuala Lumpur’s Dynasty hotel, Malaysia, ISNA reported. After the trip, they introduced the hotel as “the worst ever”. Once, the Dynasty hotel had 4 stars, but it was reduced to a 3-star. However, some travel agencies still introduce the Dynasty as a 4-star hotel. The neighborhood is not so bad. The hotel is in one of the tallest buildings in Kuala Lumpur, but there is nothing glorious about it. Furniture and equipment is old, rooms are filthy, and the entire place is infested with cockroaches and other pestilential creatures. Trip Advisor ranked the Dynasty hotel 252 among 275 hotels in Malaysia. The site’s voters regarded it as a 2-star hotel.