Guide to Living in Tehran

Guide to Living in Tehran
Guide to Living in Tehran

A British-Iranian entrepreneur based in the Iranian capital for several years has developed an English-language information portal about the city to both clear up foreigners' possible confusion about everyday matters and offer an insight on what to do while in Tehran.

Living in Tehran (LiT) is the brainchild of Daniel Khazeni-Rad, which has been developed in collaboration with local contributors who provided tips. The information portal highlights the best parts of Tehran and its culture.

"LiT's main target is for resident foreigners in the city as well as Iranians who speak and read English," Khazeni-Rad told Financial tribune.

The guide covers a myriad of topics from money matters to weather forecast, restaurants and leisure facilities.

The Iranian currency is a bit of confusion for foreigners, as they have to deal with two variations: the official figure printed on notes and coins called rial and an unofficial one known as toman used widely in transactions by dropping a zero.

The portal offers a complete guide to Iranian checks and banking issues, helping tourists manage their foreign exchange and finances.

It introduces the city's historical monuments, museums, parks and religious places, while recommending artistic and cultural events across the city, including gallery events, concerts, theater performances and films.

Tourists would love to have a taste of the local cuisine, so the portal makes suggestions as to where to try the best-quality Iranian dishes.

For shopaholics, it has information about top malls in Tehran.

Since the portal also targets those who are planning to reside in Tehran with their family, it introduces business opportunities, along with real-estate agencies and international schools in the metropolis.

Tehran now plays host to some 300,000 foreign residents who are looking to have a fulfilling experience during their stay.

"As part of a non-profit initiative, the website seeks to create a new understanding of the city of 8+ million people," Khazeni-Rad said.

Those who are interested can follow LiT on Twitter and Instagram, or like it on Facebook and stay tuned for any updates on the city.


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