Up on high, on a cliff overlooking the abandoned village of Mahgardi, a large rock is perched on a smaller one remaining in position for hundreds of years, according to the inhabitants of Sarfaryab district of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province.

The rock, called Sang-Chehreh, is 3 meters long, 2 meters high, and 2 meters wide; but its pedestal is only half a meter wide, supporting the enormous rock on an area less than 30 sq cm.

Sang-Chehreh overlooks the empty houses of Mahgardi from the precipice, 800 meters high. The houses were deserted by a people who chose urban settlement over the bubbling springs, according to

The exceptional rock is visible from afar. Wind and water erosion are said to be responsible for the way Sang-Chehreh hovers over the village.