Zhivar Rock Reliefs Dossier Underway for Nat'l Inscription

Zhivar Rock Reliefs Dossier Underway for Nat'l InscriptionZhivar Rock Reliefs Dossier Underway for Nat'l Inscription


The results of archeological studies on the ancient rock reliefs in Zhivar Village, Kurdestan Province, were presented during a session on Wednesday to complete its dossier for national inscription as a heritage site.

Zhivar is located in Shalyar rural district, one of the two rural areas in Uraman. The other rural district is home to Uramanat Cultural Landscape, currently on UNESCO's World Heritage Tentative List. According to Taher Qasemi, the head of research project, field studies on the monuments were carried out during September and October to obtain an international status for Uramanat Cultural Landscape.

The unique features of ancient monuments, which are among the most valuable relics, were presented by experts at the scientific meeting.

"Results showed that the reliefs were created either in three styles or in three different eras," Qasemi said.

"The patterns are divided into categories, such as human, animal, plant, geometrical and symbolic shapes, which add to their significance."

Uramanat villages of Kurdestan have been cradle of Iranian art and culture since ancient times. Thanks to the preservation of its heritage, architecture and a unique traditional religious ceremony, namely Pir Shalyar, they are known as one of Iran’s most impressive villages.

The meeting was led by Seyyed Mohsen Alavi, the head of provincial ICHHTO, Mohammad Rashidi, heritage deputy at the organization and head of National Heritage Base in Kurdestan.


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