UK to Launch Air Taxi

UK to Launch Air TaxiUK to Launch Air Taxi

A Guernsey-based company is set to launch an Uber-style on-demand air taxi service for passengers and freight, which it hopes will revolutionize the way we travel.

Waves CEO Nick Magliocchetti came up with the idea after moving to Guernsey and realizing how difficult it was to travel between the Channel Islands, The Independent reported.

Travel between the islands is reported to be one of the most expensive per mile flights in the world and with just one scheduled airline now operating, prices are rising as flight numbers fall.

Magliocchetti, a tech funder, set Waves up as an on-demand air-taxi service for both passengers and freight using Cessna Caravans. Launching this week, it will operate between the Channel Islands with plans to expand operations to northern Europe and southern England in 2018.

“Over the last decade, the number of people travelling inter-island has fallen by 100,000, we want to recapture those people–not compete with existing operators. There is definitely demand beyond the existing offering and Waves is already living proof of that. We get dozens of requests every day from islanders wanting to either travel with us or to arrange the transport of freight,” he said.

The company has also launched an equity crowd-funding site, Seedrs, to expand across the UK.

 “The Channel Islands are the perfect place to launch what is a ground-breaking idea when it comes to air travel. Listing with Seedrs will allow us to grow and subsequently offer our tech-led solution to other jurisdictions across the world.”

The company is seeking half a million pounds in investment to expand its licensing area, recruit more pilots and fly to more destinations. It leases its fleet of aircraft and is working to reach deals with established commercial airlines to provide great customer service at a competitive price.

The company also says its fixed pricing model ensures customers are not financially penalized for last-minute bookings and can book on-demand, buy an empty seat on an existing flight or arrange their own flight to suit their dates, times and destination.


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