Bed Bugs Pervade British Airways Flight

Bed Bugs Pervade British Airways FlightBed Bugs Pervade British Airways Flight

The British Airways has tendered an apology to a Canadian family after they complained of being bitten by bed bugs on a flight to England.

According to CTV News, Heather Szilagyi was on a British Airways flight from Vancouver to London along with her seven-year-old daughter Molly and her fiancé, Eric Neilson, earlier this month. During the journey, Heather noticed bed bugs on the seat which was in front of her.

The woman, who had worked in hotels most of her life, said she could recognize the insects as bed bugs crawling from the television monitor in front of her. Soon she saw few more after receiving in-flight meals.

After she alerted a flight attendant, the later was apologetic but did not seem surprised.

The attendant merely said there was no seat available in the flight to move them to.

After realizing nothing could be done, the trio then settled down and tried to get some sleep, the report added. Next day after arriving at their destination, the bite marks appeared on both her and her daughter.

Heather tried to contact the airline officials to inform them of the problem and also to make sure they were not put on the same flight during their return journey.

Speaking to CTV, the woman said they were not asking for any refund but to make sure that they are put on a different flight on their return and that action is taken on that particular flight to get rid of bed bugs.

After their consistent efforts, the airline not only put them up in a business class seat during their return journey but also tendered an apology.


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