18 More Monuments on National Heritage List

18 More Monuments on National Heritage List
18 More Monuments on National Heritage List

18 more monuments joined the National Heritage List at a joint session with director general of Monument Registration Office Farhad Nazari, head of Archaeology Research Center Hamideh Chubak, and director general of Conservation Office Siavash Saberi, CHTN reported.

From Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Rostam Fort, Varmal Citadel, Minaret of Dolatabad Old Mosque, Mirkhan Bezi House, Haji Khalesi Bezi House, Malek House, and Old Governor Office of Nikshahr were registered on the heritage list.

From Yazd Province, Geramian House, Bostan House, Derakhshani House, Nikfarjam House, Kushkeno Mill, and Kharanaq Aqueduct Bridge; and from Khuzestan Province, Abadan Museum and Khoramshahr War Museum were registered.

The others are: from Qazvin Province, Atan historical village; Bushehr Province, Shanbedi Mosque; and from Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Yasechay historical village. 

Two experts of Registration Office Majid Moradi and Tahereh Mottaqi also attended the meeting. Hossein Rayati Moqadam, Nasser Nowruz-zadeh Chegini, Abbas Moqadam, and Zatolah Nikzad, members of the National Heritage Registration and Delimitation Committee, organized the meeting.

Cap: Sassanid aqueduct bridge, Kharanaq ancient town, Yazd Province