Shiraz More Ancient Than Previously Thought

Shiraz More Ancient Than Previously Thought  Shiraz More Ancient Than Previously Thought

The second phase of archeological studies on Poustchi hills in Shiraz, Fars Province, led to the discovery of ancient relics probably belonging to civilizations more ancient than previously thought.

According to Hassanali Arab, the head of the research team, in the first phase of the project launched last year, a thousand antiquities were unearthed dating back to 5000 BC.  

In the second phase, however, parts of adobe constructions were discovered, which are estimated to go back over 6,500 years, Mehr News Agency reported.

“The latest findings might add much more to the history of Shiraz [once the date is determined],” he said.

The adobe structures could help reveal the layout of houses and other items, including clay pieces and stone tools, are valuable sources of information about the lifestyle of people living in the ancient city.

Besides the adobe structures, a number of bones are estimated to belong to the Sassanid Era (224-651).

“There are proofs that the place where the bones were found is not a cemetery, so it can be concluded that the ancient residents were nomads,” Alireza Sardari, the co-director of the team, said.

“The excavation project, co-organized by Shiraz Art University and Iranian Center for Archeological Research, is aimed at preparing a chronologic document for Poustchi hills and locating the oldest village established in the region.”

Named Shamsabad or Bakoun in ancient times, the hills are thought to be home to one of the earliest civilizations.  

Shiraz has been inhabited by various peoples, including Aryans, Semites and Turks, each having a considerable share of the Iranian culture.

Fars Province boasts 3,000 national heritage sites, accounting for 9% of Iran’s historical sites. It is also home to three world heritage sites: Pasargadae, the ruins of Persepolis and Eram Garden (inscribed along with seven other gardens grouped under “Persian Gardens”).




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