Bushehr Cruise Ship Set for May 12 Launch

Bushehr Cruise Ship Set for May 12 LaunchBushehr Cruise Ship Set for May 12 Launch

Valfajr Shipping Company will launch Bushehr's first cruise ship that will offer year-round tours on May 12.

Sea excursions in Bushehr are seasonal and limited to specific times of the year, such as the Norouz (Iranian New Year) holidays. However, the launch of Valfajr's cruise ship, dubbed Firouzeh, will change all that, Mana reported.

"The ship previously operated on Kharg-Bushehr route but it will now be used to offer sea tours around Bushehr Port to help boost marine tourism in the province," said Nasser Amirzadeh, director of the provincial office of Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization.  

The official added that the shipping company will organize the trips.

The 200-seat cruise ship is set to operate in the evenings, as the weather is cooler. All travel agencies in the province book tours aboard the ship.

According to Amirzadeh, 22,500 tourists went on cruises in the coastal waters of the province in Norouz (March 21–April 2), 15,500 of which went on excursions in the port of Bushehr.

"We believe Firouzeh will be popular with tourists," he said. Amirzadeh stressed that promoting marine tourism is a top priority for his office. "Attracting and supporting foreign investment are essential to realize this goal," he said.

Last year, officials announced plans to build floating lodges "to help improve the tourism profile of the province" and help achieve tourism targets. Located off the Persian Gulf coast, the province of Bushehr boasts more than 700 kilometers of coastline where beachgoers can enjoy the sun, sand and a variety of other water sports.

About 80% of Bushehr have a coastline alongside the Persian Gulf. Its tourism potentials have largely been overlooked in favor of the region’s massive oil and gas reserves.

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