Iran's Sulqan, an Ideal Region Near Tehran

Sulqan, an IdealSulqan, an Ideal

A few kilometers northwest of Tehran, lies a rural district hidden among high mountains. The east bound winds of the province make the area immune from the smoky atmosphere of the nearby metropolis, leaving a clear sky for locals and those who want to take a break from the crowded streets of Tehran.

Sulqan district is called, an ideal retreat for a short trip over the weekend. The two serene villages of Vardij and Varish in Sulqan, lye within a deep valley are adorned by lush gardens of cherry and sour cherry, according to The Business Year (TBY).

  How to Get There

To get there, one can go to Vardavard located in the middle of Tehran-Karaj highway. From there a road follows the river path and meanders through the mountains till it reaches Vardij and then on to Varish.

A 12 km ride gets the visitor to Vardij; a sign board reading ‘Martyr Vardiji street’ can be seen at the entrance of the village. Vardij is quite close to the road; only 500 meters away. In spring, the village would be loved at first sight, but the wind-eroded rocks all around the village are for all seasons.

The weird volcanic rocks of Vardij resemble skulls and beasts. The monstrous phenomena of erosion. The silence of the valley deepens the bewitching quality of the rocks.

  Off to Varish

After Vardij, there are a few turns off the road before one gets to Varish village which is deeper in Alborz mountains, and 400 meters higher than Vardij.

Varish is a small village comprised of 40 families during the warm seasons, and 15 brave-heart families in the cold. Their water is supplied by natural springs, piped down to the village.

  Pahnesar Mountain

Varish is a good starting point to ascend the summit of Pahnesar mountain, also called Pahnehesar or Gandomchal at the elevation of 3,400 meters.

A path above the village, heading northeast, leads to the summit. For about half an hour the path is a slightly inclined, ideal for a leisurely walk; it then becomes more challenging as it approaches the summit.

By following the path for an hour, one steps onto a small green plain in spring and summer, and completely white in winter. The plain known by locals as ‘Sarcheshme’ is 250 meters higher than Varish. Once there, one can easily forget how close it is to the grey city of Tehran.