Fin Garden

Fin GardenFin Garden

The Fin Garden is a ‘must see’ attraction when visiting Kashan, Isfahan Province.  Aside from the obvious beauty of the oasis, the ingenius water distribution system is also noteworthy.

Apparently the oldest extant garden in Iran, Fin was completed in 1590 to serve as a royal resort. In 2012, it was registered on the World Heritage list.

Pavilions and fountains are great sights for a leisurely walk under the shades of the beautiful cedars. And then there is a bath-house known as Fin Bath, where Amir Kabir, the Qajarid chancellor, was murdered in 1852 by an assassin sent by Nasserodin Shah of Qajar dynasty.

The garden is located at the southwestern edge of Kashan, just off the main highway connecting Isfahan to Tehran. Visitors should be aware that it is far more than “walking distance from the city.”