Neanderthals Traced in Maku Castle

Neanderthals Traced in Maku CastleNeanderthals Traced in Maku Castle

Traces of Neanderthal settlements have been found in Maku's famous castle and its surrounding areas, located in West Azarbaijan Province, during archeological excavations.

As reported by the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, the detected objects from three locations in the castle area include everyday tools, made of stone and clay, dating back to over 40,000 years, coinciding with the Paleolithic period.

"During the excavations, architectural styles of Safavid Dynasty (1501–1736) and Timurid Empire (1370-1507) were identified in parts of the castle, such as kitchen, entrance of the king's reception hall and terraces," said Reza Heidari, the head of the archeology team.

From the beginning of the Iranian month that started on Sept. 22, archeological studies financed by Maku Free Zone Organization was carried out by experts at RICHT and the Armenian Institute of Archeology.

Flanked by mountains in the south and north and plains to the east and west, Maku is home to an ancient civilization with a rich history.  Rich fauna, rivers, caves, falls, ancient forts and castles, other historical monuments, handicrafts and plantations are the city's unique features.


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