Discovery Channel Introduces Iran Tourism

Discovery Channel Introduces Iran TourismDiscovery Channel Introduces Iran Tourism

Ismail Güzelsoy, a Turkish researcher and student of Persian studies in Istanbul attended a series of advanced Persian-language courses in Iran, held by the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and the Saadi Shirazi Foundation. The classes were attended by 240 Persian language and literature students and professors from all over the world.  

Güzelsoy, wrote a pictorial-analytic report of his memories and observations of Iran on his return home after attending the advanced courses. The work was published in the Discovery Channel Magazine, IRNA reported.

The advanced language courses are held every summer in Iran. The 2014 series was held in August at Qazvin’s Imam Khomeini International University, attended by students and professors from many countries including Turkey, Germany, India, Egypt, Armenia, Georgia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Korea.

The Turkish researcher has also been a tour guide for almost 16 years. His report on Iran tells of his experiences as a guide, documentarian and writer.

The report is released in 12 pages in the magazine which is one the most credible works in the field of tourism.