Incentives to Help Safeguard Heritage Sites

Incentives to Help Safeguard Heritage SitesIncentives to Help Safeguard Heritage Sites

Those who safeguard historical properties will receive incentive packages, head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) in Tehran has said, CHTN reported.  

Rajabali Khosrow-abadi said owners of historical buildings are encouraged to preserve their properties and would receive incentives such as tax waivers. In cases where owners have construction licenses, they will be given assistance for relocation to an alternative site.

Khosrow-abadi said there are approximately 2,350 historical buildings in Tehran. It is not logical to guard every single of these properties in order to preserve them; however with awareness rising, the public as well as NGOs are best placed to safeguard the sites. Furthermore “we are in the process of issuing ID cards for those individuals who safeguard heritage properties in each district,” he added.

He pointed to the strategic role of the media in this regard in informing the public and promoting cooperation between them, NGOs, and the government.

The official discussed plans to develop low-budget accommodation for tourists in the capital, stressing that a traveler is a temporary resident, and the city’s administration has the responsibility to cater to the needs of all types of individuals and socio-economic backgrounds. He said, “We are ready to provide temporary, low cost lodgings, and we will be collaborating with the city municipality on this. We will seek to provide pre-fabricated lodgings to address the immediate demand for budget accommodation,” the official added.