Tour Manager Arranging US Trip

Tour Manager Arranging US TripTour Manager Arranging US Trip

Manager of an American tourism company who arrived in Iran by Golden Eagle Danube Express said a group of tourists from the US will be visiting Iran in 2016.

Jim Friedlander manages a New York based tourism company, which was established 37 years ago.  The company is the preferred tour company for many American museums and cultural centers. Friedlander had already brought a delegation from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Iran.

On this trip, Friedlander is here along with his wife on a fact finding mission.  He is looking at the feasibility of arranging train trips to Iran.

“I came by the train to out try this kind of trip, to see if it makes sense for Americans to visit Iran by the train in the near future,” he said, ISNA reported.

“We are planning for a US group to visit Iran in 2016. We need to ensure that the trip is planned properly and that all the necessary arrangement have been made,” he continued.

Tourists from Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Denmark, Britain, Australia, Spain, Singapore and Turkey have already arrived in Iran in two 78-member groups via the train.

They visited historical and religious sites of Tabriz, Zanjan, Yazd, Isfahan, Shiraz and Tehran and then flew back to Istanbul from Tehran.