5 Popular Beaches of Iran

Popular Beaches of Iran
Popular Beaches of Iran
5 Popular Beaches of Iran

Iran enjoys many different beaches with different moods and a wide range of holiday experiences. Shores of the Caspian Sea have mild and relatively cold weather and southern parts enjoy moderate and pleasant weather. Following is a selection of beaches suggested by Irpedia website:

Kish Island

The coral coasts of Kish Island, a pearl across the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf, have a special glow under the sunlight. The seawater near the coasts is so clear, that one can see the depths of the sea and all its aquatic life that are unique in their kind.

These beaches are safe and there are no dangerous creatures; thus those interested in fishing and swimming can go for their favorite sports. Tourists can benefit from Kish sandy beaches, coral reefs vivid with colorful fish and sea and sun all year round.

Facilities such as a recreational jetty, glass-bottomed boats, motorboats, and scuba diving equipment are available.

Caspian Coast

Caspian Sea, the largest landlocked lake in the world, is located in northern Iran. Iran's Caspian coast including the three littoral provinces of Gilan, Golestan and Mazandaran, with its thick forests and large-scale rice paddies presents a striking contrast to the dry inner plateau.

A four-hour drive from Tehran, the Caspian is Iran's Riviera, with a narrow plain of paddy fields and orchards separating the sea from forested mountains where bears and leopards roam around ruined Mongol castles.

There are several roads connecting Tehran to the three provinces, all through breathtakingly beautiful scenery, across the mountains or alongside rivers. One of the roads from Tehran to Chalus on the Caspian coast, winding north across the rugged Alborz mountains, passes the popular ski resort at Dizin.

With their tropical climate in summer and mild winters, beautiful sandy beaches, scenic beauty and proximity to the capital the three provinces are very popular among Iranians as a holiday and weekend resort attracting hordes of visitors.   

Numerous holiday and residential complexes, private villas, leisure facilities and holiday homes dot the landscape.


Chabahar Seaport

Chabahar is a seaport on the Oman Sea in southeastern Iran. Due to the prominent position it enjoys the access to free waters, in addition to other aspects such as trade, commerce and navigation this part of Iran holds specific location. The winter months can be best for water sports and recreation.

On the coast of the sea, particularly in the southern region of Chabahar, is a rocky area with a beautiful landscape, especially during sunset. Parts of the shores of the Oman Sea is greatly valued for its recreational areas and those concerning the safe swimming zones, canoeing, water skiing and other such sports.

Oman Sea contains various minerals and a variety of water species, in particular, algae and plankton. These have a positive effect on human body.

Caves and hills at a depth of 15 meters would bewilder any viewer. The sea in this part is intact and the aquatics are not afraid of divers. Chabahar coasts provide the best choice for water adventures such as windsurfing, diving and underwater excursions.

Bandar Abbas

It is located on the south of Iran at an elevation of 15 meters above sea level and overlooks the strategic Strait of Hormoz. As the capital of Hormozgan Province, Bandar Abbas has the largest and the best equipped port, occupying a strategic position.

The wide beaches are covered with silky sand, cleansed by fairly ample tides. The gentle slope provides a safe playground for children. The newly constructed hotels offer gardens, swimming pools and playing fields.

In summer it gets sizzling hot and very humid here, but it's pleasant enough to visit in winter.



The coast of this province is both sandy and rocky. The latter in itself is a wonderful sight worth seeing. Active water erosion has worked on coastal limestone, leaving behind natural impressions. The sandy shores, however, provide recreational areas for water sports. Being close to the big cities of Abadan, Bandar Abbas, and Shiraz in Iran; and neighboring countries of Persian Gulf such as Kuwait and Bahrain, Bushehr attracts many tourists and visitors during the winter season.