Navigation App for Smoother Travel

Navigation App for Smoother TravelNavigation App for Smoother Travel

Smart phones have become an integral part of today’s society, with operating systems becoming more user friendly today than ever before. No matter how techno-phobic or traditional a person is, they will find the technology easy to use and accessible.

The needs of today’s travelers go beyond the basics: suitcase, clothes, suitable shoes, and first aid kit.  The ‘global village’ generation, expect to be able to navigate around even the most far flung places as though it were their own neighborhood, from easily getting from A to B anywhere in the world, to knowing what is around every corner, from service stations and restrooms, to finding the nearest star rated restaurant.  

Mobile technology, ever more sophisticated, tries to keep in stride and meet the high expectations of the modern, seasoned traveler.  


Simply downloading the Sygic application to the mobile phone can help a visitor get around most anywhere in Iran, be it walking, cycling, or driving – offering the shortest and easiest routes possible.

There are currently approximately 65 million people who use Sygic around the world to navigate their way during their journeys.

The application allows the user to input a destination and it will outline the easiest route. Vocal guides are also available in more than 30 languages including Persian (Farsi), as well as English and Arabic. The advantage of this application is that it is not dependent on having an internet connection or access to 2G.

It is free and can easily be downloaded via the website. It works on a wide range of mobile devices, with different operating systems including Android, iOS, and Symbian.

Other useful features include the ability to show the user’s speed, provide a weather forecast, as well as physical features like road blockages, police speed cameras, tolls, the nearest gas station, police station, fire services, hospitals, pharmacies, and many other places of importance, according to the company’s website.

Users can also pinpoint their points of interests (POIs), like touristic places or simply where they have parked their car. It also keeps a history of the past destinations to offer a more easy access.

The application provides 3D maps for over 100 countries, including Iran, and automatically receives free map updates multiple times per year. Extra maps can also be downloaded from the internet.

 Family Locator

As well as the advanced navigation application, Sygic has another application called Family Locator, which very well complements it.  The application is designed to provide the real-time location of family members and close friends, but on tour it can prove invaluable for locating fellow travelers. It can certainly provide peace of mind for many, especially those with a tendency to panic in unfamiliar situations.

As advanced as the technology has increasingly become, it is always best to allow for a certain margin of error and be aware that routes and direction are not always accurate in 100 percent of cases.  

It is reassuring to know, that while technology can act as an aid, provide peace of mind, and support travelers on their travels, it does not replace real-life experiences, such as interacting with locals to ask for directions, which is of course the spice of any traveling experience.