Exploration of Tel-Ajori

Exploration of Tel-AjoriExploration of Tel-Ajori

Deputy of the Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHTO), Mohammad-Hassan Talebian, visited the ancient site of Tel-Ajori or ‘Brick Hill’, CHTN reported, quoting the public relations officials of the Persepolis World Heritage Center.

Talebian inspected the excavation being conducted in Tel-Ajori, 3,500 meters outside of the city of Persepolis, by an Italian team supervised by Prof. Pierfranseco Callieri, University of Bologna who, informed him of the excavation process.

Tel-Ajori, even older than Persepolis, is of great significance to understanding the Achaemenid period. The glazed bricks of the site tell us much about the rituals and mythology of the era.

Once all archeological investigations and research on the site have been completed, an on- site museum is a good solution for likes of Tel-Ajori.  A museum will not help explain the lesser known archaeological facts about the monument in question, but it will also serve to attract more tourists, Talebian said.

The ICHTO deputy also visited Persepolis Museum which is currently under a new phase of restorative operations.