The Honesty Village

The Honesty VillageThe Honesty Village

The “Ghuzloo” village in Malekan county, East Azerbaijan Province, is famous for no report of theft, violation of rules and regulations and lying.

Ali Rahimzadeh, the head of Ghuzloo village, stated the village does not have any record of felony or a legal case in a court. Furthermore, there is no report of theft or crime.

The high level of trust among the villagers has made Hossein Lotfi, the owner of the village’s only shop, to give the key of his shop to all 90 households of the residents.

Lotfi, speaking with IRNA, said in Ghuzloo people trust each other so much.

“I do not need to be present at my shop all the time. My fellow villagers take the items they need and leave the money in the cash register.”

Those who do not have enough money for their required goods write down the list of the items and “later pay the amount to me,” he explained.

He further added if anybody is in need of money, they take the amount they want from the shop as a loan and return it later.

Rasoul Khodabakhsh, chief of Leylan District, also said the village has a population of 400 people and is among the safest places in the entire county.

All villagers participate in the affairs of the village with honesty and dedication which is exemplary, he stressed.

Malekan county with the population of 110,000 is subdivided into two districts: the Central District and Leylan District. The county has two cities: Malekan and Leylan.