Iran Deserts: Moving Dunes

Moving DunesMoving Dunes

The desert of Maranjab by the city of Aran-o-Bidgol, Isfahan Province is well known for its phenomenal sand-dunes.

The windswept stretches of Band-Rig Desert - located north and northeast of Aran-o-Bidgol, and extending to the southern shores of Qom Salt Lake – are a playground for moving sand-dunes, as stated in

Whether the winds are favorable like Shahriari and the North Wind; or unfavorable like the Khorasan, Qiblah, Tufan and Black winds, and particularly the notorious Levar or 120-Day Wind, the dunes move and cover everything in their path, be it a road or a building.

The eroded sands are too fine to be held in one’s hand; they spill through the fingers like water.

The two-legged creature, the ever industrious human, has here again, found some usage. In addition to salt and mud therapeutic treatments, sand treatments have been traditionally prescribed for their healing powers across the world.

When the weather becomes mild, sand deserts are good places to turn to for a cure to one’s various ailments. Those suffering from skin disease or rheumatic pains can bury themselves inside a sand-dune, or simply lie down and let the sands do their miraculous work.

Simply walking barefoot on the warm sands, can be a fantastic foot massage that may relieve tensions of which one may have been hitherto unaware.

It is however, always best to tread cautiously when in the ‘kavirs’ or deserts; one should particularly avoid rocks and bushes, for they are the possible hideouts of timid snakes and scorpions who could be snapped out of their passive state.