ICHHTO Urged to Prepare Tourism Strategy

ICHHTO Urged to Prepare Tourism StrategyICHHTO Urged to Prepare Tourism Strategy

Following the announcement of a plan by Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization to unify tourism associations and entities by framing a bylaw, head of Iran Tour Operators’ Association, Ebrahim Pourfaraj, asked the organization to reconsider its decision.

“The private sector has pursued expert activities in tourism for years and does not need other organizations, such as ICHHTO, to devise guidelines for it,” he told ISNA.

Pourfaraj asked ICHHTO to prepare a comprehensive and specialized strategy for tourism industry to address challenges facing the industry.

He said this is necessary, in view of the considerable increase in demand among foreign travelers to visit the country.

The head of the association reasoned that a strategy for action designed for the private sector by a state organization will not be effective.

“ICHHTO should better spend time and energy on infrastructural issues facing tourism industry and allow the private sector to conduct its affairs on its own,” he said.

Pourfaraj then pointed to the successful example of Tehran’s ICHHTO office management, Rajabali Khosrowabadi.

“He gathered related organizations and representatives of civil aviation, international airport, traffic police, Interior Ministry and immigration and visa police to address private sector issues. The meeting was very fruitful, as it offered an opportunity we sought for years to exchange ideas and express our viewpoints,” he said.

He then called on ICHHTO’s tourism deputy and other related administrative officials to adopt the same policy.

“Holding seminars, joint events and conferences where both sides directly share their opinions is the best way to identify and resolve the industry’s issues,” he said.

Pourfaraj recalled that the Interior Ministry’s security deputy complained why such a meeting was not held earlier to discuss challenging areas, stating that the opportunity should be seized.