Age of Sensing

Age of SensingAge of Sensing

The Fifth International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology will take place in the United States at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina on October 13 – 15, according to UNESCO’s website,

Archaeologists are ready to embrace new methods of recording, interpreting, conceptualizing and communicating archaeological data and relationships across the passage of time.

In the next few years, the physical world can be blended with a sensory-rich ‘virtual’ world where archaeologists can naturally and intuitively manipulate, navigate and remotely share interpretations and case studies.

Archaeology will be taken to a new level, with enhanced capacity to develop interpretations and to present them to fellow specialists and to the general public as simulated scenarios in 4D.

This conference seeks to explore the age of sensing, broadly defined. Topics will include:

- large scale remote sensing

- close range sensing

- 3D Modeling

- immersive Sensing

- aerial photography

- GIS (geographic information system)

- spatial technologies

- virtual Landscapes

- intra and inter-site applications

- Lidar (laser remote sensing) applications

- geophysics

- drones and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)

- virtual reality and cyber-archaeology

- defining high standards