Cool, Idyllic Summer Spots in Iran

Cool, Idyllic Summer Spots
Cool, Idyllic Summer Spots

With Iran’s thermostat seemingly stuck on “unbearably warm”, escaping the ever-escalating temperatures with a vacation in one of these cool spots is highly recommended.

  Tangeh Vashi

Tangeh Vashi, or Tangeh Savashi, is a mountain pass in the Alborz mountain range, located 17 kilometers west of Firouzkouh in Tehran Province.

The narrow gorge was formed by a perennial stream that flows down from a series of waterfalls, which is also responsible for the vast patch of lush pasture within the mountains.

The region served as a royal hunting ground for the Qajar king Fat’h-Ali Shah (1772-1834), who ordered the carving of a relief in the pass to commemorate his hunts. The relief is located in a popular trekking route.

The cool climate of the gorge draws tourists from all across the province during the summer and there are a number of tour operators that organize one-day trips to the area.

  Nojian Fall

Inscribed on the National Heritage List in 2009, Nojian Fall in Lorestan Province is a sight to behold.

At 95 meters, Nojian is one of Iran’s tallest waterfalls and is located 38 kilometers southeast of provincial capital Khorramabad in Nojian Village. Aside from the waterfall, Nojian boasts a tranquil, unspoiled vista to travelers looking for a respite from daily life.

Dense oak forests embracing the waterfall line the foothills of Mount Taf. While it is possible to drive up the mountain to reach the peak, it is highly recommended to hike to appreciate the scenic route.


Commonly known for its hot springs, Sareyn in Ardabil Province is top summer destination for many Iranians.

The city is located on the foothills of Mount Sabalan, with snow-covered slopes even in the early days of summer. Sareyn is located 24 kilometers from the Alvares Ski Resort.

Sabalan is one of the most beautiful mountains around the world because of a little lake on its summit. Even in June and July, one may encounter snow at elevations near the peak. People are advised to climb the mountain in August, if they want to see the lake unfrozen.

  Jahan Nama Village

The picturesque village of Jahan Nama in the northern Golestan Province protected area is located amid the Alborz mountain range.

Sandwiched between the Caspian Sea and Gorgan Plains, the village is often referred to as the quintessential ecotourism location. Although Jahan Nama lacks sufficient lodging facilities to host a swarm of tourists, the beautiful landscapes make spending a few hours in the region well worth the trip.

  Tang-e Bostanak

Also called Behesht Gomshodeh (Lost Paradise in Persian), Tang-e Bostanak is located in Marvdasht County in Fars Province.

Fars is commonly known for its rich history and unique art and craft, but this southern province also boasts one of Iran’s most scenic spots in Tang-e Bostanak, which lies about 120 km northwest of provincial capital Shiraz.

A green valley adorned with overflowing rivers and lush trees, Tang-e Bostanak is an idyllic picnic spot.

One of Tang-e Bostanak’s standout features is the green canopy formed by interwoven trees, giving travelers a refreshing break from the blazing sun of Marvdasht while letting through soothing rays of sunshine.

Visitors can stay overnight; there are platforms installed over the flowing rivers, which are available for a fee.