7 Countries Enjoy Visa-Free Entry to Iran

7 Countries Enjoy Visa-Free Entry to Iran
7 Countries Enjoy Visa-Free Entry to Iran

Iran has waived visa requirements for citizens of seven countries, according to data provided by Iran Airport Police.

Citizens of Azerbaijan, Syria, Turkey, Georgia, Bolivia, Egypt and Lebanon can enter the country without the need for any kind of visa, ISNA reported.

The only stipulation for visitors from the seven countries is having a valid passport and not facing prohibition due to any legal reason. The period of stay for each traveler is decided according to the agreements between Iran and the travelers’ countries.

At present, this period for Syrian citizens has been set at 90 days, Georgia 45 days, Bolivia 30, Egypt 20 and travelers from Lebanon and Azerbaijan can stay for 15 days visa-free. The staying period can be extended upon the request of the visitor and approval of the officials.

Visa waiver program is a diplomatic measure between governments to boost relations and expand political and financial ties. Facilitating visa is among the main policies of President Hassan Rouhani’s government.

Even though the previous government announced it would enter into mutual visa-free agreements with 60 countries, the ambitious goal never materialized. However, the current administration has taken steps to improve diplomatic ties with other countries.

A working group was formed to follow the case with members from security and police forces, Foreign Ministry and Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization. The decisions and proposals of the working group have been discussed; some are awaiting the government Cabinet’s approval.

A working group, comprising members from the above-mentioned entities, is tasked with discussing visa waivers and reviewing its policies.

Earlier this month, Masoud Soltanifar, head of ICHHTO, said the commission had decided to extend the validity of airport visas to 30 days, up from 14, and added that the decision will go into effect pending approval by the Cabinet.

Currently, international travelers from across the world, except for 10 countries, can obtain visas on arrival in the airport. The 10 countries include Colombia, Somalia, Britain, Canada, USA, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.