Plan to Showcase Traditional Arts

Plan to Showcase Traditional ArtsPlan to Showcase Traditional Arts

Traditional Arts Research Department at the Research Institute for Cultural Heritage and Tourism will soon open to the public, department head, Alireza Bahraman, said late Wednesday.

The research institute is a subdivision of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization.

The decision aims to facilitate visits to the department, familiarize people with research procedures and showcase the department’s vast collection of traditional Iranian arts and crafts, IRNA reported.

“The department’s northern gate, located on Tehran’s Azadi Avenue, will open to the public soon,” Bahraman said.  

The official said people will get to see specialists at work, studying and documenting historical artifacts and discovering how every relic was made.

“Visitors can also purchase replicas of ancient artifacts, created by the department’s researchers, from the gift shop,” he said.

The northern gate has been closed since 2009 and Bahraman hoped that reopening it would help raise public awareness about cultural heritage and the department’s research activities.