MoU to Improve Safety of Tourists

MoU to Improve Safety of TouristsMoU to Improve Safety of Tourists

As security is one of the major factors in attracting tourists, Tehran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department will sign a memorandum of understanding with Tehran’s police force to ramp up security in areas frequented by tourists.

Increasing collaboration with the police is vital to expanding tourism in Tehran, said director general of the department, Rajabali Khosroabadi, stating that Tehran is already one of the most secure cities for tourists, thanks to the efforts of the police force, Mehr News Agency reported.

The MoU will outline other duties of the police force, including facilitation of commute for tourists in busy areas and dealing with swindlers offering illegal and often fake tour packages and services online.

Providing job opportunities for female breadwinners and combating child labor will also be covered in the agreement.

Brochures will be distributed in select locations to provide tourists with information and guidelines to ensure travelers an enjoyable stay in Tehran.