Tourists Urged to Avoid Building Campfires

Tourists Urged to Avoid Building CampfiresTourists Urged to Avoid Building Campfires

Travelers have been urged to err on the side of caution and avoid building campfires in forests during the summer months.

Speaking to IRNA, director general of Golestan Province’s Natural Resources and Watershed Management Department, Davoud Zare’, said the risk of wildfires increases during the scorching heat of summer and care must be taken to prevent regrettable accidents.

“Travelers should avoid starting fires, or properly extinguish them if they have to build a campfire,” he said.

Reduced humidity due to long exposure to sunlight, declining precipitation and higher temperatures render vegetation dry and more prone to catching fire.

Zare’ urged villagers living around forests and tourists who enter them to be diligent, as even a tiny ember may cause a wildfire that could spread to inaccessible areas.

Last month, nearly 100 hectares of the Zagros Forests in western Iran were devoured by wildfires because a group of campers lost control of the campfire they had built. The fire spread to regions not accessible by fire trucks and local authorities were ill-equipped to handle the fire.

To preserve natural heritage of the country, there should be close interaction between officials and public, said Zare’, adding that over 90 percent of fire incidents in Gilan forests are caused by human carelessness. Apart from destroying the forests, fire devastates wildlife habitats.