Chogha Zanbil Caretaker Appointed

Chogha Zanbil Caretaker AppointedChogha Zanbil Caretaker Appointed

The custody of the archeological sites of Chogha Zanbil in Khuzestan Province has been given to Alireza Razeghi, Mehr News Agency reported.

Razeghi, who had been the caretaker of the UNESCO-listed Dome of Soltaniyeh in Zanjan Province for the past five years, has ample experience looking after historical sites, including Tappeh Mil in Tehran Province, Ardekan Historical Texture in Yazd Province, and the Portuguese Fortress in Qeshm and Larak islands.

Speaking to Mehr News Agency about his plans for Chogha Zanbil, Razeghi said, “Giving the site a more presentable look, improving tourism infrastructure, and installing signs on the roads are on the agenda.”

Several areas are in dire need of attention, especially Haft Tappeh, he added.

“I am familiar with the site and its characteristics and history,”  said Razeghi, “However, a more comprehensive knowledge is required for management, which I will acquire after close inspection of the site.”

Chogha Zanbil’s adobe texture is one of the structure’s standout features. The structure was built adjacent to the Shushtar Hydraulic System.

Due to the vicinity of Chogha Zanbil and Haft Tappeh to the historical city of Susa (or Shush), “once the city is inscribed on the World Heritage List, these three will become important elements in the expansion of tourism in Khuzestan Province.”