Petroglyphs to Be Visited

Petroglyphs  to Be VisitedPetroglyphs  to Be Visited

A group of French researchers are set to visit Iran to take a closer look at Iran’s petroglyphs, IRNA reported, quoting petroglyphs expert, Mohammad Naserifard, as saying. The researchers will inspect petroglyphs in Teymareh, Khomein County in Markazi Province, as well as those in Dasht-e Kavir – Iran’s largest desert. “The oldest rock engravings are found in Khomein, which date back to 40,800 years,” Naserifard said. He lamented the lack of attention given to petroglyphs in Iran, and said that while other countries try to boost tourism using these ancient engravings, officials seem indifferent towards the 21,000 petroglyphs found in Khomein alone.