Cell Phone Lane in Chongqing

Cell Phone Lane in Chongqing
Cell Phone Lane in Chongqing

Yangren-Jie ‘Foreigners’ Street’ in Chongqing is a theme park open 24/7 for free. Chongqing is a sprawling city in western China, as stated in

The sidewalk of Yangren-Jie is divided into two halves: one marked ‘No cell-phones’; the other ‘Cell-phones, walk at your own risk’. This lane was made in order to reduce collisions in an area with a high number of tourists, elderly people, and children.

The new path is offered to those too engrossed in messaging and tweeting to watch where they are going.

Yet, a marketing official at Meixin Group which manages the area said the cell-phone lane was meant to be satirical, underlining the trouble of texting and walking.

Meixin Group has marked a 50 meter stretch of pavement with two lanes. The idea came from a similar stretch of pavement in Washington D.C. created by National Geographic Television, in July as part of a behavior experiment.

Those using cell-phones of course have not heeded the signs or the lane. Instead, many were snapping pictures of the sidewalk.