Preserving Artifacts, Protecting History

Preserving Artifacts, Protecting HistoryPreserving Artifacts, Protecting History

Nearly 20% of artifacts on display in Yasuj Museum in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province have been retrieved from thieves and traffickers, highlighting Iran’s fight against trafficking of historical artifacts, IRNA quoted the deputy of cultural heritage at the provincial office of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) Rahim Dadinejad as saying.

Dadinejad made the remarks Sunday at the Nomads Festival in Yasuj, and added, “Opportunists take advantage of people’s negligence towards the preservation of historical artifacts to fill their pockets.”

The official stressed the need to take better care of Iran’s tangible and intangible heritage, and said that nomadic tribes migrating to various regions inside the country can help raise awareness.

Also attending the festival was Mohammad Hosseinzadeh, director of the provincial office of ICHHTO.

“Yasuj is home to a large portion of province’s 2,600 historical artifacts, and protecting it needs cooperation between government bodies, urbanites, and nomadic tribes,” he said.

The festival provides a unique opportunity to share ideas about ways to help preserve historical artifacts. “These artifacts have been passed down to us from our ancestors; it is our duty to protect them for future generations.”

The festival includes tribes from 9 provinces, and it highlights diversity of tribal traditions.

Many groups of artists and culture enthusiasts attended the festival. Ali Khorand, a shepherd from Boyer-Ahmad County, was given a commendation plaque for his efforts to preserve historical monuments. The festival concluded on Friday.