Hospital Wins Tourism Award

Hospital Wins Tourism AwardHospital Wins Tourism Award

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital has won the Middle East’s Responsible Tourism Award at the World Travel Awards for the third consecutive year. Established by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi in 1999, the hospital is internationally recognized for its commitment to the UAE’s culture and economy and for its contribution to biodiversity conservation, The National reported. Apart from being the largest falcon hospital in the world, it has also become a popular tourism destination. The hospital, which runs multi-lingual tours, has already won 25 international awards including a Certificate of Excellence last year from Trip Advisor for its tour program. It has also been ranked as the second top tourism attraction in Abu Dhabi Emirate by TripAdvisor website. “The hospital’s award-winning tourism program offers its guests an unforgettable experience with the unique opportunity to get close to an important element of UAE culture and heritage – falconry,” said Dr. Margit Gabriele Muller, Director of the hospital.