New ICAO Condition for Airlines

New ICAO Condition for AirlinesNew ICAO Condition for Airlines

The government has issued a mandate obliging airline operators to equip their companies with online ticketing systems, Mehr News quoted Mohammad Khodakarami,  a deputy at Iran Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), as saying.

New airlines must be equipped with such a ticketing system before they can acquire a license to operate, while currently operating airlines will be given time to meet their obligation. “Since existing airlines cannot equip themselves with a ticketing system overnight, they are obliged to grant ICAO’s experts access to their sales information until they are equipped with a ticketing system,” Khodakarami said.

Airlines lacking a ticketing system are forced to sell tickets at a lower price; an incentive aimed at encouraging them to set up the system as soon as possible. “Companies which fail to set up the system after an extended period of time will be demoted to charter airlines.”

“Charter airlines are excluded from using certain flight routes,” said Khodakarmi, “which reduces profit margin.”

Speaking on online ticketing, the official asserted that none of the websites are authorized to operate by the ICAO, adding that in order to continue operating, the website owners must obtain permits from the ICAO.

“We have no intention of shutting down the websites; we only believe that by obtaining permits, the ICAO will be able to monitor the website and ensure quality services,” the official stated.

According to Khodakarami, the ICAO is in talks with the owners of relevant websites to encourage them to apply for ICAO permits.