Foreign Investment Will Underpin Tourism Industry

Foreign Investment Will Underpin Tourism Industry
Foreign Investment Will Underpin Tourism Industry

Development of Iran’s tourism infrastructure could benefit immensely from foreign investment, Mehr News quoted Jalal Mofidi, a member of the Tourism Commission at Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, as saying.

Pointing to the interest of foreign investors to take advantage of Iran’s tourism potential, Mofidi asserted that the possible signing of a comprehensive nuclear deal in June can “positively impact all sectors, especially tourism.”

“The framework nuclear agreement has given a different perception of Iran to the world, negating the negative portrayal of the country in the past in western media,” he noted. “We have to capitalize on this opportunity with appropriate policies to pave the way for foreigners to invest in Iran.”

Aside from the economical benefits, a developed tourism industry can also have enormous political advantages. “A country visited by people from all over the world is considered safe, which plays to the country’s advantage in international affairs.”

According to Mofidi, increase in the number of foreign tourists in recent years has prompted global media to tout Iran as a tourist destination.

“Introducing and promoting Iran’s attractions abroad have definitely played a part in Iran’s tourism boom.”

Attracting investors from other countries can help Iran complete unfinished projects and also begin construction on modern infrastructure, he added.


Due to the framework nuclear deal signed in Lausanne and the possibility of a comprehensive deal later this year, Iran has seen a rise in the number of foreign tourists in the current Iranian year (started March 21), Mofidi was quoted as saying by Mehr News.

“It goes without saying that the lifting of sanctions will have a significant impact on the country’s economy, and prepare the ground for foreign investment. In turn, this will lead to even more tourists visiting Iran,” he stated.

Stressing the need for an extensive travel network in Iran and developing tourism infrastructure, Mofidi asserted that establishing and maintaining peaceful relations with other nations will go a long way in boosting the industry.

  Global Perception

Rebuilding Iran’s tarnished image in the world due to the smear campaign of the western media is a very important step in realizing Iran’s tourism goals, he said.

“Additionally, guaranteeing safety and providing quality services up to international standards is a must for any country seeking to become a major tourist destination.”

“By developing relations with other countries and promoting Iran as an investment opportunity, both the economy and tourism industry will experience a major shake-up,” Mofidi added.

Officials hope that by signing the comprehensive nuclear deal in June and the complete lifting of sanctions, people will see Iran for what it is: an ancient country with a rich history that has a lot to offer.