'Green Belt' Project in Semnan

'Green Belt' Project in Semnan
'Green Belt' Project in Semnan

To preserve national territories of the country, the so-called Green Belt Project was launched on April 27, IRNA quoted land affairs deputy of Forest, Range and Watershed Management Organization (FRWO) Masud Mansur as saying.

The project, first of its kind in Iran, was inaugurated in Talajim village, Mehdishahr County of Semnan Province in a ceremony attended by Mansur.

It utilizes natural resources such as trees and vegetation native to the region to protect the surrounding land. Trees, such as hazelnut, oak, and wild mandrake, and vegetation are planted around reserves and state-owned lands, separating them from agro-farms and lands under private ownership.

The 'Green Belt' is planned to cover 18 million hectares according to the Fifth Five Year Development Plan (March 2012 –March 2016).

The planting of trees is in cooperation with local people, who will in turn harvest the products of the trees.

This is the first of nine projects to be implemented across Iran, Mansur said, adding that protecting the flora is imperative.